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Joining Equity not only supports the work of the union staff that works on your behalf, it also gives you a voice in the union’s governance along with access to membership benefits.

Membership applications will be sent to all eligible Cast Members in Parades and Characters. Due to the number of people who make up Magic United, we will be staggering the applications to assist Equity’s membership department with the processing workflow.

Applications will be sent to members with last names beginning...

Equity’s initiation fee will be waived for everyone joining through Magic United between now and when your first contract is ratified. Your first basic dues payment of $88 will be billed in November.

Application Instructions

Application Form. Complete both pages of the membership application. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the application. You may sign the application electronically.

Equity Name. Your Equity Name should be your preferred professional name. All performing arts unions generally prohibit the issuing of a professional name that is identical (or similar sounding) to that of an already current member of the union. If a conflict exists, you will be advised at the time that you submit an application to join Equity that you may have to change your professional name for Equity’s records.


Equity's dues structure has two components: Basic Dues, currently $176 per year, which are billed at $88 semi-annually each May and November and Working Dues, currently 2.5% of gross earnings under Equity contract, which are collected via weekly payroll deductions after the contract is ratified.

Loss of Membership

If you are delinquent in the payment of dues for a period of two years, and you did not apply for inactive status, you are considered out-of-benefit and membership is automatically terminated. Members are therefore strongly urged to remain in good standing with Equity.

If you opt not to join Equity, please be advised that you will still be subject to the 2.5% working dues deduction. You can email membership@actorsequity.org to notify the membership department that you wish to be an agency-fee payer only. Read more about Equity’s financial core policy and review the related audit.

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